Monday, February 13, 2012

37 Weeks!

I am officially 37 weeks pregnant. Which means Hudson is officially full term! It is amazing how much differently my body has been acting in the past week and a half. I can definitely tell my body is getting ready to give birth.
Last Sunday at church I started having my first painful Braxton Hicks contractions. I would feel a shooting pain down my back and my whole stomach would get rock hard. The thing that freaked me out about them was that they were 5 minutes apart! It really freaked me out. I went home after church and called the hospital. They said to take some tylenol and a hot shower and call back in an hour. Of course, by then, the contractions had stopped.
On Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment and my doctor said that the baby was in place, and his head was low so Hudson could come any day now within the next 3-4 weeks. The doctor doesn't think he'll be coming late. That was exciting news! So now I'm trying to keep my house as clean as possible. But of course, with a big belly it's hard to find the energy to keep it all up!
The down side with Hudson being low now is that he constantly keeps hitting my nerves, and I have a pain that shoots down my leg and makes me crumble. This also makes it hard to walk, clean the house, or let alone stand.
This past Saturday night, after Andrew's first baseball game I awoke at 2 am with a shooting pain in my stomach. It felt like fire on my insides! One of the worst pain I have ever felt. Once again, I called the hospital, and it sounds like they think I got food poisoning or the stomach flu. Thankfully, I could feel Hudson moving around the whole time so I wasn't too worried about him. Andrew was so nice to run to Wal-Mart at 3 in the morning to get me some Mylanta that really helped; but I did have to sleep sitting up the rest of the night. And now ever since then I've had occasional bouts of nausea. I'm trying to stay positive and just take this all as signs of Hudson's soon arrival :)
I cannot believe Andrew and I are going to be parents in less than a month! I've had a whole nine months to grasp that fact and it seems to get more and more difficult to wrap my head around. There is a real life baby squirming around inside me and soon I get to hold him. Still SO weird to think! Oh, but I can't wait to see him!

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  1. That's so exciting Brandy, you're going to make such a wonderful mom!